TTouch Heart Hugs Step-by-Step

•  Place one hand on top of the other with palms at the center of your chest over your heart chakra. Visualize the face of a clock on your chest, under your hands, with six o’clock at the bottom of the circle closest to the ground.


•  Beginning at six o’clock, inhale and exhale while slowly and gently moving the skin around the face of the clock, in a circle and a quarter, with a consistent rhythm, stopping at nine o’clock.

•  Take another deep breathe in and out with your hands remaining quietly at the nine o’clock position.


•  Check both directions to see which is best for you - clockwise or counter-clockwise. Your preference may change from day to day.

•  Begin with whatever tempo best suits you in the moment. if you are feeling stressed you may prefer a one-second circle with a long hold at nine o’clock. Or you may prefer a three-second circle from the beginning.

•  Take a few normal breaths and focus on the air going quietly in and out of your lungs. 


•  Repeat the Heart Hug several times.

•  Send thanks and appreciation to your own body. 

 When you feel at peace, send a prayer of Thanksgiving with the message “Remember Your Perfection” from that quiet place after the Heart Hug.



Tellington TTouch Heart Hugs:  Reducing Stress

By Sandy Rakowitz, Tellington TTouch Practitioner

TTEAM Connections Newsletter January-March, 2011

Feeling stressed, grumpy, unable to focus?

Heart Hugs are something you can do – anytime, anywhere, for any reason from soothing, calming,

re-balancing, uplifting and focusing.

These gentle circular ‘hugs’ take just a few minutes of your time. And, they are free.

Feeling the need for change, but not always sure how to create it? Directing our intentions and aligning ourselves for change, we can use the discomfort of feeling grumpy and stressed to carry us further and faster into the changes we desire and to create the live we seek. This includes the needed internal changes that are necessary to create the outside changes.

Use the Heart Hugs with the steps below to assist meditations and to help you harness and direct your energy to propel you forward boldly into this New Year.

Heart Tip: Heart Hugs are something you can do for yourself– anytime, anywhere - a gift you can give to yourself over and over.

Heart Hug Steps Primer: Notice how you are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally before you begin. Make a note so you have a frame of reference for after you try these out.

Step 1: Place one hand over the other, palms face down on the center of your chest.

Step 2: Visualize the face of a clock under your palms, on your chest. Six o’clock is at the bottom of the circle towards the ground.

Step 3: Beginning with your hands at six o’clock, gently move the skin in a full circle plus an additional quarter circle. You are gently moving the skin under your palms, in a circle from 6 o’clock, around to 9 o’clock, 12, around to 3 o’clock, continuing around to 6 o’clock and then keep going around another quarter to 9 o’clock.

The area you move under your hands is not very big, so the clock is pretty small, maybe an inch in diameter. In other words, you are making a pretty small circular movement over- all.

Step 4: Pause with your hands here. Let yourself take in a few deep slow breaths while pausing with your hands over the center of your chest, over your heart region.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4 a few times. As you begin the circle, take in a breath and slowly as you finish the circle.

Now notice how you’re feeling once again. How is it different than before you used the circular touch, the Heart Hugs?

Enhancing Your Heart Hugs

 Before, during or after your Heart Hugs you can

•  Add some essential oils to your hands and heart like Gratitude Essential oil, Joy, Live With Passion or any other essential oil that will help strengthen your prayer, intention and the sense you want to create. For more information on essential oils go to

•  Send Prayers for forgiveness, humility or courage

•  Find gratitude for your blessings

•  Use at the beginning and end of your meditations

Take a walk through a labyrinth and use heart hugs as you enter to help set your intention before you begin your labyrinth walking meditation.

Favored TTouch

 Heart Hugs were the favorite Tellington TTouch in our group for people who had experienced traumatic brain injuries and in many other classes. Everyone found them to be consistently calming and centering.

And, In an informal study created to look at the effects of Heart Hugs, a calming and balancing of all brain wave patterns were consistently found through EEG assessments while people used this simple circular method of touch over their heart region.

Check out the studies;

What are the Cautions & Side Effects of Heart Hugs?

•  Feeling Better!

•  Reducing Stress!

•  Enhanced Focus!

•  Feeling less grumpy!

Empowering yourself!

Use this simple technique to reduce stress, anxiety, balance emotions, feel empowered and nurture yourself in just a few minutes a day and use as many times in a day as you need.

You cannot overdose on Heart Hugs!

Linda Tellington-Jones created the TTouch Heart Hugs. Find out more about TTouch for people and animals by going to

Sandy Rakowitz - Eq P2, CA P1

Heart Hugs for Dogs

I used the HeartHug as one tool to help one of my dogs calm down when she was totally terrified of gunshots and similar noises - to be more specific, I used it for her and also for me then, too (I can get too emotional when my doggie girls are in distress) and it was beautifully calming for me and seemingly also for Disa.

With another dog, Mr. Oliver (a PBGV - Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen) to do the HeartHug I plac3e my hands on his front with the index /thumb part of my hands near the points of shoulders - the rest of the hands closer to the humerus and his front legs. He is pretty short - not my chest, nor my heart chakra - but it sure worked for this little guy!

The point of shoulder is just above the humerus on a dog and the heart lies slightly lower than the point of shoulder behind the structure of the humerus, protected by the first five or six ribs. The book Four Paws Five Directions describes the Heart Meridian as "meets the spleen meridian in the chest area, and travels toward the underarm or axillary area. It travels downward along the inside portion of the front leg to the inside tip of the fifth (outside) toe ..."

I used the HeartHug as one tool to help one of my dogs calm down when she was totally terrified of gunshots and similar noises. To be more specific, I used it for her and also for me too (I can get too emotional when my doggie girls are in distress) and it was beautifully calming for me and seemingly also for Disa.  Verena